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  • EXCLUSIVE: SIMULACRA unveiled two more AI tools for its metaverse platform.

EXCLUSIVE: SIMULACRA unveiled two more AI tools for its metaverse platform.

The Immersive Wire - 30 January 2023 (Monday Briefing)

Executive summary

Welcome to your weekly briefing on the metaverse. Here are your snippets to sound smarter in meetings this week:

  • Exclusive story: SIMULACRA released two generative AI tools for its metaverse platform (analysis below)

  • Headline: Apple is reportedly working on a way to make AR apps as simple as speaking (analysis below)

  • Stat of the week: One million people purchased Among Us VR, with 44,000 daily matches.

  • Conversation-starter: Meta AI helped with a paper on text-to-4D asset generation.

  • Other stories: Meta and the NBA are working together, Niantic released a new AR game, and Anzu secured an important patent (more below)

  • Community insights: 71% of readers believe that great content will help traditional gamers engage with the metaverse.

    • "The problem with those projections is, that there are no precise definitions of the problem which is the metaverse. The only thing we have right now is a book and a vision. And too many people do not have any knowledge about what is actually being developed." - Thomas Riedel, Metaverse Podcast.

Community question:

Did you expect Among Us VR to perform better?

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I had a go with the VIVE XR Elite on Friday, and it was great fun! The colour passthrough is impressive, it feels light, and it is easy to shift the optics for my (terrible) eyesight. I was especially impressed by Maestro, where I conducted my way to musical shame.

- Tom Ffiske, Editor of the Immersive Wire


EXCLUSIVE: SIMULACRA unveiled two more AI tools for its metaverse platform.

  • What are the tools? Text-to-architecture allows creators to update the walls, flooring, and artwork within the virtual apartment layout, in real time. Text-to-fashion allows users to generate avatars and apparel, based on inputs before deployment. Both tools only work within the SIMULACRA platform, and they will be available from today.

  • The tools palette-swap items, rather than create objects. When I had a go, I swapped the textures of shoes, walls, and jackets. I imagine that AI-generated objects, like chairs, would be a game-changer for virtual platforms.

  • "We believe that AI is a key component in the democratization of content creation for the next generation of digital experiences," said Amir Berenjian, CEO of REM5 STUDIOS. The team is not the only one, with NVIDIA updating its Omniverse platform to include generative AI.

  • Will we see more AI tools in other metaverse platforms? I have no doubt. The AI team at Meta unveiled a paper exploring text-to-4D generations, which can bring 3D assets into virtual worlds. But I would be interested in seeing if easier-to-use tools will bring in more users towards any platform. I can see how generative AI will bring in more users, tantalised by the ease of access.

Apple is reportedly working on a way to easily make apps for its upcoming headset, according to The Information.

  • What is Apple working on? According to the report, the company wants to make it as easy as possible to create AR apps. One component is making it as easy as 'speaking to Siri,' which implies a voice-related option. The second is scanning objects in the room via the headset, to improve them into virtual apps.

  • Big deal if so. Apple always puts user experience at the centre of its ethos, and it makes sense to make world generation as seamless as possible. The better the tools, the more likely we will see AR apps populate the marketplace.

Other notable stories

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  • Helen Ponsford (Senior Programme Editor): The Economist is looking to speak to industry experts to research the agenda of The Economist's Enterprise Metaverse Summit taking place in London 27th - 28th June 2023. The event will help senior leaders build and benefit from digital twins to enhance productivity. If participating would be of interest to your company, please get in touch with Helen to discuss.

  • Headonists, a UK-based XR community, is looking to compile XR-related events within a single calendar. The calendar itself can be found here, and the submission is here.

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