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XRHealth and HTC to offer virtual treatment rooms on the VIVE Focus 3 and VIVE Flow

VIVE Focus impressions

XRHealth and HTC VIVE announced that they will offer virtual treatment rooms on the VIVE Focus 3 and VIVE Flow.

  • Basically, clinicians will be able to use VIVE Focus 3, preloaded with XRHealth’s applications, to create a virtual treatment center that will engage and treat patients remotely. The virtual treatment rooms will offer a variety of treatments including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and pain management.
  • “As the metaverse builds momentum, providing virtual treatment rooms will be paramount,” says Eran Orr, CEO of XRHealth. “Providing virtual treatment for patients is going to enhance all clinician practices by offering the most innovative solutions to anyone, anywhere.”
  • I do not think this is part of the metaverse. It isn’t part of an interoperable network of any sort. But it does provide an immersive way to access high-quality healthcare, which I can see the benefits of. 
  • XRHealth on VIVE Focus 3 in the US will be available starting 1 Feb 2022, and will be available on VIVE Flow in Spring 2022. My thanks to XRHealth for the exclusive.