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Will ~8% of PS5 owners get a PS VR2?

Your weekly briefing on the metaverse // 7 November 2022
by Tom Ffiske

Executive summary:

  • Headline: China wants to export 26 million VR headsets by 2026, and Sony has high prices for its headset (more below);
  • Stat of the week: DappRadar reported that $1.93bn has been spent on virtual land this year;
  • Conversation-starter: VC investments into metaverse start-ups have been falling since 2021;
  • Interesting company: Lumirithmic made a scan of my face, and I like the tech a lot. The UK-based company is making high-fidelity scans of faces while focusing on gaming and skincare. (More company updates below).

I have started a new role at Accenture, shaping its global thought leadership on the metaverse within the Metaverse Continuum Business Group. The Immersive Wire will stay as-is. Happy to answer questions via responses! – Tom Ffiske, Editor of the Immersive Wire

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Movements in China, updates from Sony

China wants to export 26 million VR headsets by 2026, according to its Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

  • The country hopes to sell $48.2bn of hardware and software over a five-year period, and will support 100 ‘metaverse-facing’ companies as well.
  • This would be integrating with the local plans laid out by Shanghai and Shenzhen over the last year.

Sony announced the PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2) will be $550, sending jitters in the VR gaming space.

  • I am unsure how quickly Sony will sell two million units in 2023. The con is that the PS VR2 is a $550 tethered headset, hooked to a $400 console which is still a struggle to buy in some places. For context, Sony has sold 25 million PS5s; so the company expects ~8% of PS5 owners to also buy the VR headset.
  • On the other hand, PlayStation’s IPs are very strong. Horizon: Call of the Mountain (made by Guerrilla and Firesprite) will be a huge draw for many fans of the series, drawing people into the ecosystem. It is also cheaper than the original PS VR; Ben Lang commented that the full kit was originally launched in 2016 at $500, or $618 in today’s money.

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Important stories over the last week

Got stories? Do let me know at tom (at) immersivewire (dot) com. 

  • Bepensa (who bottles Coca-Cola products in Mexico) worked with ARuVR on training its employees.
  • CareerCon is a virtual event designed around the future of work and web3, happening from 9 – 10 November.
    • Disclaimer: I provided PR support for hundo, the organising company, earlier this year.
  • DIVR LABS is running a VR set-up in Westfields London, where families hunt dinosaurs in a free-roam space.
    • I liked it a lot. Apart from hiccups with the Wifi streaming, it was an entertaining experience I can see working well with a broader family.
  • GEENEE AR added generative AI to its body tracking capabilities.
  • HoloKit X is a $129 AR headset that works with iPhones.
  • International XR-Metaverse Conference called out for papers for its upcoming event.
  • ITV Studios will work with Virtual Brand Group to build metaverse experiences with The Voice.
  • Lumirithmic made a scan of my face, and I like the tech a lot.
    • Out of stealth recently, the UK-based company is making high-fidelity scans of faces while focusing on gaming and skincare verticals. It makes me think that scanning tech will ramp up in speed and quality in 2023.
  • M&S launched its first virtual influencer, MIRA.
  • Mojo Vision added the Alexa Shopping List app to its AR contact lens.
  • Open Metaverse Alliance opened its first working groups, asking for help.
  • Orlando Economic Partnership and Unity have unveiled a first-of-its-scale digital twin of the 800-square-mile Orlando region.
  • Ralf Lauren debuted a clothing collection in Fortnite.
  • Razorfish found that 70% of web3 adopters treat virtual goods to the same level (or more) as real ones.
    • Not surprising, but I would like to see a study that asks normal consumers if they feel the same.
  • Roblox and the Parsons School of Design found that 75% of Gen Z consumers are willing to spend money on digital fashion.
  • Shores of Loci, a VR narrative puzzle game, launched on Meta Quest 2.
  • Snap partnered with Amazon to bring the Amazon Fashion glasses range to Snapchat users.
  • Sony Pictures Virtual Reality revealed the name of their VR game based on the Ghostbusters franchise, Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord, coming in 2023.
  • UN-ESCWA became the first UN agency to adopt the Metaverse Safety Week Global Awareness Campaign.
  • United Kingdom‘s Online Safety Bill will also impact metaverses, according to Ofcom.
  • Warner Bros. and HBO announced plans for ‘Game of Thrones’ NFTs.
  • Zappar announced its second annual virtual conference, AR Pioneers 2022.
  • Zebra Labs raised $5m in funding to make a metaverse for musical artists.

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Meditative with the VIVE Flow. Photo credit: Tom Ffiske

Tom Ffiske

Editor, Immersive Wire

Tom Ffiske is the Editor of the Immersive Wire, a weekly newsletter on the immersive industry.