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VIVE X continues investment into enterprise VR

VIVE X, HTC’s global AR/VR accelerator, has selected the next batch of companies to join their program.
18 new start-ups from around the world will join VIVE X programs in San Francisco, London, Taipei, Shenzhen & Tel Aviv.


Interestingly, the fourth round has emphasis on enterprise VR tech, with a particular focus on training, location-based entertainment, and data visualisation tools. What this says to me is that they are focusing on enterprise companies and, over a long time, develop their portfolio for business operations. How long will this continue? While the equity investment will likely be small at this stage, it could develop further after some cultivation.
The companies accepted:

San Francisco –

  • Visby – Builds foundational holographic imaging software that puts the real in extended reality
  • Primitive  – turns complex software analyses into interactive 3D structures that are displayed in immersive VR.
  • Modal – social, fun and active free-roam location-based VR entertainment
  • ybVR‘s – Multi-viewpoint optimized streaming technology
  • MyndVR – National health and wellness company

London –

  • Immersive Factory – Health Safety & Environment training exercises based on real-life situations
  • LIV – Empowers VR live streamers to better connect and monetize their audiences in real-time
  • Kagenova – Developing core technologies to engineer interactive realism at scale for next-generation immersive experiences

Taipei –

  • 360Stories  Immersive 360º footage to transport you to destinations
  • Z-Emotion – Building a fully connected 3D design platform for the apparel, knitwear and sportswear industry
  • Pumpkin Studio Creates AAA LBE VR game content in Unreal Engine 4

Shenzhen –

  • Inload – VR Kiosk design, manufacturing and operation
  • Yaoan – VR security experience hall, VR immersive training system, VR emergency drill system, security training cloud platform and other industry solutions

Bejing –

  • ifGames – One of the first VR game studios in China
  • ShinyVR – Developing a molecular-level physical simulation
  • Yuanji – Developed a VR Judicial Visualization system

Tel Aviv – 

  • Sixdof.space – Created a new tracking system technology
  • Ayayu Games – Develops, creates and manufactures patent-pending VR-action controllers