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Virtual Reality Marketing by Henry Stuart – Review

In a way, reviewing this book was a bit like reviewing bread. Bread works exactly the way it is packaged. Bread doesn’t lie. And once bought, bread serves its function perfectly. Like bread, Virtual Reality Marketing, by Henry Stuart, sets a clear goal and executes it, providing a perspective into the new and emerging form of marketing. It just works, like selecting a new knife which can cut tomatoes, or buying a pen.
Now to stress, I do not imply that Virtual Reality Marketing is as dull as the loaves found in Sainsbury’s. Far from it. Henry dips into his expertise as CEO of Visualise and creates compelling arguments and summaries. He cites case studies of his past works, and interviews friends like Richard Nockles who know much about the industry. The book presents a colourful and varied view of the industry, from its hardware to its film-making processes.
Virtual Reality Marketing
Virtual Reality Marketing starts with a thorough summary of the development of VR, its relevance, and its potential use in the future. The book then explores case studies and interviews on who best to use the technology, with some pensive thoughts on where to go next.
The final chapter, the Future of VR, was particularly interesting. Henry breaks apart, bit by bit, the tech to watch, and where it will go next. This ranges from standalone headsets to volumetric capture, and I love to see where else the technology will go from there. These thoughts are excellent, and I recommend reading the book just for the insights.
I recommend Virtual Reality Marketing, which couples well with peppermint tea. As someone lodged in the VR bubble, the book was clearly written by a passionate man. I can also envision new people interested in the field enjoying the read as well. Like bread, Virtual Reality Marketing sets its goal, achieves it with a delicious flourish, and leaves the reader satisfied.
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Tom Ffiske
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