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Virtual Perceptions introduces a new review system

Our hope is to create a curated list of things which we find interesting and enjoyable. From best practices to clever use of technology, our reviews will reflect the very best of our industry.

Because of this, we have introduced a new review system, to help advise people on the best content out there.


Virtual Perceptions Essentials is granted to the very best content we come across. From films to gaming, the award is granted to a company that soars above and beyond, while defining the rules of the industry it works in. The company sets the bar for best practices.

Worth A Shot

Virtual Perceptions Worth A Shot

Worth A Shot is given to a company that produces a great piece of content which should be tried out. While it is not essential, the company does something interesting which is worthy of conversation and experimentation. The product may not be for everyone, but it might be for some, and is worth a go to find out.

Poor Practice

Virtual Perceptions Poor Practice

This is for companies that do not use VR, AR, or MR in a good way, for any particular reason. They should be used as an example for now not to work in the industry, and their mistakes should be learned from for all others that follow.