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The UK’s first dedicated VR arts venue launches

VR arts venue

Having a virtual reality arts theatre is fantastic for VR interest. What if there was a permanent one which anyone can access, for six days of the week? Limina has your back. Limina Immersive announce the opening of the UK’s first dedicated arts VR venue, LIMINA: The Virtual Reality Theatre, supported by Watershed. Tickets are £12.50.

The opening programme will present a selection of artistic and natural history, documentary and culture experiences. Limina’s VR shows will run 6 nights per week, Wednesday – Monday and all day and evening at weekends. Officially opening on April 12th, with public previews from April 4th, the VR Theatre experience will be a collective activity, presented in a shared, relaxed, seated environment. Suitable for all ages from 13+, the programme is designed to be perfect for a day or night out with friends or family.

Look at VR art

LIMINA will screen experiences from Cirque Du Soleil, The Guardian, Colston Hall, Welsh National Opera and natural history pioneers Biome Productions.

The company, Limina Immersive, has several years of experience running pop-up VR events across the country and have developed their own special inclusive way to screen VR to audiences. The company was founded out of Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio, and has grown to be an internationally recognised industry leader in championing artistic VR content and VR ethics.

Limina’s CEO Catherine Allen says, “There is so much incredible, breathtaking, creative and cultural virtual reality out there. It is an art form in its own right. The trouble for audiences is that this new medium is very hard to see at home unless you have your own virtual reality headset and know what to look for. Limina bridge this gap by curating selections of amazing VR experiences for people to see together, much like going to the cinema, the theatre or a concert. We want to offer our audiences a fantastic and thoughtful addition to their day or night out.”

Limina’s Chief Content Officer Chris Sizemore says, “Here at Limina, we’re on a mission to make artistic virtual reality accessible to as many people as possible. At our new Harbourside venue, we’re presenting nine specially curated virtual reality shows in our inaugural programme – join us and open your senses to this emerging world of artistic experience where you go inside the art.”