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Top Gear and REWIND releases 360 movies of car stunts

Always wanted to take your car airborne and do some crazy stunts? Then this is something for you. Top Gear will release three original films, to smash around and have fun in. Players will have the option to do adventurous jumps over a music festival, a supermarket carpark and a petrol station. 

Viewers are welcomed by a member of the Top Gear production team and shows them around the different things they are about to jump over. After that, the players hit the road. In the first film, the viewers get to jump over a petrol station. The second film features a mini-music festival. Finally, in the third film, an old friend of Top Gear takes on a jump over a supermarket carpark into the last parking space.

Duncan Gray, Commercial Director, Top Gear said: “We wanted to create entertaining content for our YouTube channel that took fans behind the scenes of a Top Gear stunt.  And by producing this content in 360 we were able to ‘virtually’ put viewers right there in the driving seat of three enormously inappropriate stunt vehicles, something we’ve never done before.  The results, as you will see, are smashing!”


Short, fun experiences are these are great fun and accessible to a wider audience. It’s great to see REWIND continue its work with entertainment giants and find new and interesting ways of using immersive video. The next question is whether audiences are ready to pick up their phones and have a go.

The videos are entertaining, and a neat way of promoting the video. I hope to see more stats on its performance in the future, to perform a comparative analysis.

Lore Badts


Lore is a writer based in Belgium. She specialises in media and marketing.