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Surround Vision – Immersive Film of the Year Nominee

Surround Vision are a collective of artists and filmmakers who see VR as a wonderful tool to engage audiences and create empathy for our subjects. We are focused on producing beautiful and immersive experiences that do some good for the world. We have been blessed with clients who trust our team to deliver quality documentary films and have worked with the likes of BBC, Sky VR, Plan UK and the UN to produce VR which has driven change in perceptions and investment in the future of the planet.
The Female Planet is a collection of short 360 documentaries showcasing extraordinary women from around the world whose careers in science, technology, sports and the arts are inspiring a new generation of young people and breaking down the barriers to professional achievement. Designed to broaden horizons whilst normalising female leadership.
The third film to launch in the series showcases Tiera Fletcher, a 23 year old aeronautical engineer working for NASA and Boeing and the youngest in an elite team, who is paving the way for women to work in the future of space exploration and science. Whoopi Goldberg has described Tiera as “A brilliant young woman who is taking us to new heights”.
This film showcases Tiera’s groundbreaking work on the most powerful rocket system ever built, the Space Launch System, see NASA first hand through the eyes of an aerospace engineer and learn how she is pioneering the “Mars Generation”. “Growing up, believing in myself was my biggest challenge, but then believing in myself was the key to my success. Believing in yourself is key! If you don’t no one else will believe in you either.”
We believe that Surround Vision deserves to win the Immersive Perspectives Award not only for our enduring excellence in VR film, but also for our ongoing commitment to the cause of female empowerment worldwide.