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Party like it’s 2099 with the world’s largest metaverse conference, with over twenty people confirmed to attend. Get ready to go through an overly complicated sign-up process with zero guidance, and enter the one and only metaverse (apart from Second Life decades ago). All transactions use MetaCoin, a cryptocurrency running on a decentralised network that can be yours for the low price of $0.99 (then $3,000 after gas fees). 

Are you ready to join the party? 

Easy to access

Simply buy a VR headset during a semiconductor crisis, and you can party with your friends while jigging in your tiny flat.

Introducing MetaCoin

Escape the banks! All transactions will use MetaCoin,* a cryptocurrency that truly democratises access to finance. Only 70% is owned by the founder.

Enter the metaverse

We have built a metaverse that represents the future, only there is zero interoperability and we will stop updating it after the weekend.

*Investments will go up as well as down. Funds may also disappear at any time. All legal concerns will be passed to our resident crypto expert, who we discovered in Discord and has an ape for a profile pic. 

Attendees might turn up (including the organiser's family)

Guest speakers include:

Richard Ryder

Sponsoring the event and will send you a follow up email next week. And the week after.

Sarah Sarahbard

Launched a failed crypto project last month, and is looking to pump up its value before selling her stake.

Derrick Dickard

A futurologist who read about the metaverse on Forbes, and will pretend to be an expert until next year.

Where we allocated our budget

Marketing campaign
Building the metaverse
Crowbarring NFTs into the event
The UX


We will host a range of panels that will help you navigate the complexities of the metaverse:

Intro to the metaverse

Our keynote will cobble together information from Google’s top results and repeat it ad verbatim to everyone.

How to buy crypto

You will be introduced to the bottom of a pyramid, and be gently guided into its base while losing your savings. 

Coding 101

A technical founder will deliver a coding talk that is so complicated that all attendees will have fried minds after. 

VR in retail 

At first glance, it may seem like a talk on VR and retail – but it is actually a company owner wanting to sell their services.

Cut the fluff 

We all love a good April Fools joke, but there is genuinely a lot of fluff when it comes to VR, AR, and the metaverse. If you want a concise summery of the news that matters, with high-quality analysis, then consider subscribing to the Immersive Wire. Curated by Tom Ffiske every Wednesday and Sunday, and enjoyed by 4,100 professionals. More details.

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April fools!