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Solomon Rogers – Pioneer of Immersive Reality

You know him. Everyone knows him. I’m pretty sure even your VR friend knows him. His presence is as ubiquitous as Coldplay in the 2000s, as REWIND is one of the most well-connected production companies out there. And rightly too, as the team (and Sol) works hard to maintain that reputation.
Prior to founding REWIND, Sol was a senior university lecturer for 15 years in digital animation, games, VFX, and emerging technology; teaching over 1,300 students, writing four degrees programmes, two masters, and supervising PHDs. Sol is now consulting with a set of UK universities on the immersive industries and the new career opportunities they offer and working with them to develop bespoke degrees.
Sol is deeply respected within the industry and was recently appointed as the Chairman of BAFTA’s Immersive Entertainment Advisory Group, a group assessing the impact of VR/AR within BAFTA’s global mission. Sol leads this group of industry luminaries from 15 diverse companies including Magic Leap, Disney, Paramount, and Oculus. In addition, Sol is the Chairman of Immerse UK, the UK government cross-sector network which is working to keep the UK’s position as a world leader in the application of immersive technologies. Sol is also a member of the BIMA Immersive Council, working to establish best practices for digital agencies working in XR.

“I started REWIND in 2011 as a high-end CGI and VFX company, but when I got my hands on an Oculus DK1 – on day one of release – I caught a glimpse of a glorious future and I made the decision to pivot towards immersive content. I’ve never regretted that decision. I’m committed to making a positive impact on our burgeoning industry and making immersive content the best it can be so that it is recognised as a form of entertainment in its own right, alongside games, film, and television. Immersive experiences have the potential to change people’s lives, make dreams come true, and impact the world for the better. I’m excited to be part of it all and honoured to be in a position, through BAFTA and Immerse UK, to make an impact.”