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Snap and Meta making key movements

By Tom Ffiske
VR/AR and metaverse analysis every Wednesday and Sunday // 4 May 2022 

You are either terrible at bowling, or you get strikes constantly. There is no in-between.

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The Roadmap of Meta

Snap unveiled new features related to their AR shopping capabilities. 

  • One is called Dress Up, a new feature where items can be worn as 3D models before buying. 
  • Don’t sleep on Snap; the company has a lot of penetration in the US, and its focus on e-commerce is lucrative and well-placed. It will not surprise me if Instagram rolls out its own variant in the future. 

Meta has a roadmap for their VR headsets and AR glasses, according to a report from The Information. Make sure to read the full piece and support the publication, but the summary is that:

  • 2022: Project Cambria launches, costing $799.
  • 2023: Project Stinson, another Quest headset, launches.
  • 2024: Project Funston, a sequel to Cambria, launches alongside Cardiff, a separate Quest headset. On AR glasses, Project Nazare and Hypernova will launch in the same year.
  • 2026: A lighter version of the high-end AR glasses launches
  • 2028: A third version of the AR glasses launches.

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Niantic working with Digital Catapult

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  • 3lbXR has partnered with Tucson Medical Center (TMC) to develop four new medical training applications for hospital staff.
  • ARuVR announced that it has entered into a strategic commercial partnership with Virbela. 
  • Blaston received a major update. 
  • Digital Trade and Data Governance Hub announced their new event in June. 
  • Fast Travel Games announced that Cities: VR is now available for Meta Quest 2. 
  • Immerse Global Summit (formerly VR/AR Global Summit) is heading to Europe this autumn.
  • Kairos announced that Museum of the Bible will premiere a one-night gala experience entitled Blessing of the Elders on 23 June. 
  • Niantic is partnering with Digital Catapult, on an AR acceleration programme, called the Niantic Lightship Augmented Reality Accelerator.
  • Varjo announced the availability of its Varjo Reality Cloud platform.
  • Visionary Training Resources Inc. announced that it has joined the Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program.
  • XRHealth announced that theirVR/AR therapy is now available in the United States to treat patients with autism. 

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Tom Ffiske

Editor, Immersive Wire

Tom Ffiske is the Editor of the Immersive Wire, a twice-weekly newsletter on the immersive industry.