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Sergio Ochoa – Pioneer of Immersive Reality

Sergio Ochoa’s interest in research and the creation of new technologies has given him a deep knowledge and understanding of each step involved in the development of the audiovisual process.
Currently, he works as founder and creative technologist at Satore Tech, where he is responsible for bolstering the studio’s focus on research and development, investing a substantial resource into developing new technology-led solutions for clients.
In this new adventure, he has been improving a new model of VR camera with high quality and stereoscopic fidelity, as well as evolving tools to improve the postproduction pipeline. In another area of research, he has begun to develop the studio’s volumetric capture system, which aims to make this technology more accessible to a broader spectrum of creators from different disciplines. Throughout his career he has founded several innovative companies in the arena of FX and VFX.
His wide background allowed him to support the development of a high-end post-production suite (SGO Mistika), focusing on colour grading, stereoscopic toolsets and VR toolsets (Mistika VR) positioning in the international market as a leading technology. This is a tool that is currently used by major Hollywood studios and played a key role in bringing to life some of the biggest blockbuster films in the last ten years.