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Satore Studio – Immersive Marketing of the Year Nominee

Diageo wanted to build brand awareness for its whisky brand Johnnie Walker in Mexico ahead of its Christmas marketing push. Instead of focusing on traditional advertising, Diageo partnered with Virtue, Vice’s creative agency, which decided to hand over the reins for an immersive project on a grand scale to high profile figures from Mexico’s contemporary arts scene. Offering full creative freedom, Virtue approached Tupac Martir – director and founder of Satore Studio – to put the project together.
‘Caminante’, an ambitious large-scale piece conceived by Satore, celebrated the achievements of Mexican society, whilst also bringing the strapline for Johnnie Walker’s previous campaign ‘Keep Walking Mexico’ to life. Employing numerous cutting-edge technologies – such as Cinema 4D, Coding, Notch, Maya, Houdini and After Effects – Satore brought the digital poem to life with real-time social media interaction. It then projected it onto a 100×40 metre ‘canvas’ – the side of Torre Reforma, the highest building in Mexico City – where it could be seen from across the city for five days.
Occupying the intersection between art and technology, Caminante was developed as a multi-media collaboration with 32 artists from across the world, including a motion captured performance from lead principal of the English National Ballet and Benois de la Danse winner, Isaac Hernández. It would stand as an ode to the exceptional talent that exists in the country today.
However, inspired by the bravery and resilience of the inhabitants of Mexico City in the aftermath of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake, which took place on 19th September 2017, Satore also felt it was important to create something inclusive that Mexicans everywhere could engage with. So, as an interactive brand experience, the audience could engage via live social media interactions. Anyone had the chance to see their photos and messages integrated into the piece.
The audience was encouraged to engage with the projection by uploading images accompanied by the hashtag #KeepWalkingMX. As tagged photos were uploaded onto Twitter or Instagram, they were projected in near real time onto Torre Reforma. Despite going through an online approval system to ensure no explicit or controversial images appeared, images were shared in a matter of seconds.
The project ran concurrently with Diageo’s winter campaign for Johnnie Walker, which was greatly bolstered by the social interaction. The integration of live social media updates from the project created a virtuous cycle that increased clicks, shares and impressions. In total 120,000 people engaged with Diageo’s winter campaign generating 63 million brand impacts.