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Richard Nockles – Pioneers of Immersive Reality

Richard is a bloody nice person.

I first met Richard at a VR meetup in London; I believe it may be a Kaleidoscope one, but honestly there are so many that I lose track. I knew of Nockles before, but this was the first time I had a great chat with him, as he was approachable, kind and friendly. He left a lovely impression which I remember fondly since.

Cut forward a few months, and I had some immersive reality questions related to my State of Immersive Reality report. I called him to answer a few questions, and we ended up talking about all things in the industry (as well as quidditch, somehow). This was while Nockles was on set with the company, which would mean he was probably busy and working hard during the day.

So, what this tells me is that Nockles genuinely cares about people in the industry, leaves a warm impression, and is always up for a good chat. Can’t beat that.