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REWIND – Company of the Year Nominee

REWIND’s goal is to push the realms of possibility to create new realities that excite and inspire and build confidence in the new mediums of VR, AR, and MR.
A pioneering approach and uncontrollable enthusiasm for tech – combined with a solid VFX and CGI production heritage, plus bounds of creativity and strategic insight – quickly carved a name for REWIND. The multi-faceted team – a melting pot of skill sets from the tech, creative, games, art, film, and design worlds – come together to join the dots and find the answers to the seemingly impossible. When people are thinking ‘wow, how did they do that’ you know you have achieved a bit of magic.
REWIND’s bespoke solutions ensure it stands out from the competition, achieves column inches and wins many awards. Multi-award-winning projects include Home: a VR Spacewalk for the BBC – which has won eight awards, including a Cannes Lion – the launch of Jaguar’s I-PACE in VR, and Magic Butterfly VR for Welsh National Opera. Inside the Hacker Hostel for HBO and Silicon Valley was nominated for an Emmy.
Believing that high quality, game engine driven content is 100% the future, REWIND is concentrating on improving pipelines to maximise the efficiency of real-time content creation and developing tools that will improve the quality. Without great content the immersive industry will stagnate, so whilst REWIND needs to continue to produce outstanding work – to build reputation and grow the business – the knock-on effect is much greater.