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Previous newsletters

A selection of previous newsletters written for the Immersive Wire. Enjoy!

How would the economy of the metaverse work?

Professionals are making assumptions about how the economy of the metaverse would work. The lack of consensus muddies the waters of good debate, and low-quality voices are amplified over time.

Analysing Pico’s potential in Europe

Time to analyse Pico Interactive entering Europe with its Beta programme. After its leadership in China’s consumer VR market, ByteDance’s VR outfit is rolling out its hardware throughout May and June and seeing how it goes.

The Ukraine crisis and immersive developers

Over the last few weeks, I looked into how it impacted the VR/AR community in particular, as Kyiv is a vibrant home of technical teams. Here is a small insight into their lives. 

Niantic breaks the fourth wall, twice 

Let’s talk about Niantic acquiring 8th Wall. A big move, but one that complements Niantic’s vision like slotting a jigsaw piece into a complete picture.