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Five cheap and free Christmas games for the Oculus Go

Oculus Go on Christmas

Congratulations! You have just opened a new VR headset for Christmas. But what games to play on the Oculus Go? Virtual Perceptions has got your back.

Issue is, most Christmas games are not the best. They do not push the medium forward, or have any deep or complex mechanics. They are mostly gimmicks, used as a cash grab for the holiday season.

But that’s not why you are here. You want to try some games for the holidays, and perhaps laugh at how terrible it is. I do not blame you.

So fair warning – most of these experiences are not the best games on the system. In fact, the comedy factor is how terrible they are.

Santa’s Christmas Chimney

No, I am not sure how Santa fell into the chimney. But this experience lets you replicate falling down. Thing is, it does not work very well, and it doesn’t even work that well at all. Reports say that the game is also still broken.

So, it may not even be worth 99 cents. In fact, it may not even be worth it if it was free. But as it is so terrible, you may get a good laugh out of this Oculus Go title.

Santa Christmas Ride

What if we add an extra pound / dollar to the price? Does it make for a better game?

Well, it is more interactive than falling down a chimney, that’s for sure. While the controls are a little sensitive, the gameplay is actually serviceable in that the presents can be thrown.

Users agree that it’s a serviceable minigame to play with the family. So this one might actually be passable if you want some fun.

Indago Christmas Ride (Free)

A free Oculus Go game! For anyone who gets their Oculus headset this Christmas, this is at least worth a punt.

It’s not the best though. The only goal is to build a snowman and find some bags. The graphics are not the best either. Ultimately, it is not the best kind of software to showcase the gameplay. That said, it should be okay to play.

But it’s free so, what do you expect?

Tippy Tree

Ever wanted to put Christmas decorations on a tree in VR? Also, why?

Well, if you had this very niche dream, you can do that with this title. The game also features a hard mode because, remarkably, you can crush the ornaments in your hand. And you can collect up to thirty ornaments!

The game truly pushes the forefront of gaming.

Tiny Island Relax (Free)

One more free title to play on the Oculus Go. Does it live up to the hype (if any existed)? Is it a Christmas miracle?

Not really. In fact it just has a Christmas level and that is it. But I suppose there are other islands to look at, right?