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Nell Whitley – Pioneer of Immersive Reality

Nell Whitley has been instrumental in getting MLF’s ground-breaking and uber challenging projects off the ground. Without her, they just wouldn’t happen. So she’s been crucial in driving forward immersive experiences that get out to large audiences whilst exploring what can be achieved with immersive technologies in public spaces.
Nell’s latest Marshmallow Laser Feast project is A Colossal Wave! She has worked tirelessly with global partners to ensure this artistic extravaganza, which combines the latest innovations in interactive and interconnected VR with computer graphic ‘voice fruit’ artworks generated by the public, receives maximum exposure. Consequently, A Colossal Wave! has now appeared in Montreal, Hull (as part of the City of Culture celebrations) and Austin, Texas (as part of the SXSW art programme).

“Mixed reality is such an embryonic field that every project we undertake requires thinking from scratch as there are few precedents out there to guide us. It’s also a huge challenge to ensure there is diversity of talent making this kind of work. I’m passionate about ensuring the voices that are heard through these new formats are more inclusive and diverse than the media which has come before.”