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Metaverse consultancy to help harness opportunities in immersive technologies

Hi, I’m Tom Ffiske. I’m here to help your company realize the potential of emerging technologies in VR and AR, and offer metaverse consultancy as well.

With years of industry experience a best-selling book and many industry connections I can help lift your revenue projections with my bespoke consultancy services. From PR and marketing to general strategy, I can provide value to your business as you scale upwards and reach new heights.

Tom Ffiske, metaverse consultancy

Refreshing to team up with someone so knowledgeable of UK immersive, so adaptable and such a good writer. Would do so again in a heartbeat.

Alex Winterbotham

Immersive Producer

Metaverse consultancy for businesses ready to scale up


Get leading insights on how to help your business embrace immersive technologies and the metaverse.


Strategic PR/Comms professional, with over half a decade of experience servicing some of the world’s biggest technology brands.

Tom helped Dent Reality to get coverage on TechCrunch for our seed funding announcement. Tom is an adept and calm pair of hands that I recommend if you want communications help with immersive technologies.

Andrew Hart

Co-founder and CEO at Dent Reality


  • PR professional that has worked with Zappar, Oracle, BT, Western Digital, and many others;
  • Member of the BIMA Immersive Council as of 2020;
  • Keynote speaker at the VR/AR Association Global Summit 2021;
  • Runs Immersive Wire, the leading UK-based website on immersive technologies;
  • Regularly asked to attend press briefings on upcoming tech in the sector;
  • Insights appeared in the BBC, Times, and IBC365;
  • Writes regularly for TechInformed on metaverse advice;
  • Writes long-form articles predicting future advances, such as AR glasses and the metaverse.

Thomas was a fantastic addition to the London Film Festival 2020 team at DDA… He was hugely knowledgeable, well-versed in the latest industry developments and supported the team in building an impactful PR strategy.

Hannah Tatum

Senior Publicist (LFF) at Premier Comms

Recent work experience for metaverse analysis

Immersive Wire editor (June 2016 – Present)

  • Over five years’ experience covering and analysing VR, AR, and the metaverse, read by thousands of people twice per week.
  • Published The Immersive Reality Revolution, a number one bestseller on Amazon (Virtual Reality category);
  • Published The Metaverse: A Professional Guide, another successful bestseller on Amazon;
  • Organised webinars that led to additional work;
  • Invited to press events hosted by Huawei, HP, HTC, Facebook, and many more;
  • Relationships with many key members of the immersive community.

Contact Today

Let Tom Ffiske know your scope-of-work, and he will outline the support he can give for metaverse consultancy.

Click below to email, or contact at tom (at) immersivewire (dot) com.