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Meta’s predicted growth in hardware

Meta store. Photo credit: Meta.

VR/AR and metaverse analysis every Wednesday and Sunday // 7 July 2022 

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Predictions and activities

IDC predicted that Meta‘s dominance in VR will be challenged in the years to come.

  • The report also included estimations on market ownership; Meta owns 90% of the market, while Pico is 4.5%. An unfair comparison considering the early stages of Pico’s growth, but the dominance is clear. Still, it’s an estimation. 
  • One reason is profitability; undercutting the price of VR hardware cannot last forever, as the rapid deployment hits its bottom line.
  • The report also focused on Apple; for better or worse, a lot of eyes are on the company. I am wary, in the sense that we haven’t seen anything from them yet. I recommend the same. 

Colnaghi worked with Endava to launch a new virtual experience unlocking the story of Orazio Gentlishechi’s Rest on the Flight into Egypt.

  • Why is it virtual? Because it includes new processes that bring the artwork to life. For example, there are high-resolution x-rays displayed within the virtual experience, which means that viewers can perceive moments where the artist changed his mind during the process of painting. And here he changed the position of the virgin’s hand, and where the location of the linen clasped by the Christ Child was moved. 
  • I like this a lot, and it shows how immersive technologies can help tell an artwork’s story.

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New appointments, new Apple rumours 

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  • AIXR announced the launch of the AIXR Centre for Immersive Innovation.
  • Beem launched an enterprise user licence for the production and mobile-web distribution of branded AR hologram content, via its app.
  • Encore announced the release of the new Encore Studio App, which builds on its AR capabilities.
  • Fast Travel Games released the first free content update for Cities: VR. 
  • Immerse launched a social app where people can learn languages on the Quest 2
    • Disclaimer: I assisted Immerse with the announcement. 
  • Little Cities, the city creator VR game, has been updated to include hand tracking.
  • Mona, an open metaverse platform, has closed its $14.6m funding round. 
  • NetEase invested ‘several million dollars’ in Something Random, a VR studio. 
  • PatchXR will release PatchWorld for Meta Quest 2 on 7 July.
  • Siemens and NVIDIA announced an expansion of their partnership to enable the industrial metaverse.
    • Digital twins are an interesting one, and worth following closely. 
  • StoryTrails opened this week and touring the UK over the next few months, with seven projects on show. 
  • The State of AR/VR survey is live. Share your views on the popular AR/VR tools, platforms, and technologies in return for a chance to win prizes.*

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Meditative with the VIVE Flow. Photo credit: Tom Ffiske

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