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Man attempts to spend one week in VR

Feel tired after spending two hours in VR? Or slightly dizzy? Imagine that, only over an entire week. A man is attempting to play VR games for a whole week, with only thirty-second breaks for food and the like.

In the end, it was a success. He went through the entire process, entered a strange zen-state, and enjoyed himself.

The project was very well, with breaks to eat and rest. Showers were outfitted so he showered with a headset. In addition, the living space had no windows, so he maintained his circadian rhythm via simulated day/night cycles.

The full rules can be found here, and the stream is below.

What happened for a whole week?

Turns out a lot happened. He entered a rhythm between exercise, eating, and meditating to maintain his heath. When sleeping, he watched peaceful movies all evening. When awake, he trimmed his house plants which were dying.

To top it off, it ended with a great documentary about the situation. The full documentary is below, and I highly recommend watching it: