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Journey and disguise launch their services

By Tom Ffiske
VR/AR and metaverse analysis every Wednesday and Sunday // 25 May 2022

After hosting a panel on web3 yesterday, I’ve found that retailers (generally) want to dip into the area, but are not 100% how to. The knowledge gap is still real.

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A wanderlust of web3 agencies

EXCLUSIVE – disguise launched its Metaverse Solutions division.

  • disguise Metaverse Solutions will work on live events, audiovisual, location-based experiences, and virtual production content to tap into the metaverse trend. For context, disguise worked on concerts in Fortnite and Rocket League, alongside launches for Gucci and Ferrari.
  • “There is a huge amount of interest and investment in this space right now, and what is most exciting about launching this new division is that we offer a tangible solution to help brands and creators develop the next generation of experiences,” said Alex Wills, CXO and Head of Metaverse Solutions.
  • My thanks to disguise for letting the Immersive Wire announce the story first. 

Niantic unveiled a social network (Campfire) and Lightship VPS

  • I am more excited about the latter. Basically, Lightship VPS allows devs to localise the position of AR devices with high precision (in areas like London and Tokyo). Within these select areas, developers can create multi-user and highly-accurate experiences linked to the location.

Journey announced its official launch with the acquisitions of ICRAVE, Futures Intelligence Group, and Skilled Creative.

  • The significance of the announcement is that it brings in some high-profile expertise, such as Cathy Hackl. 
  • I asked the CEO, Andy Zimmerman, why they launched Journey now. His response points towards timing: “I believe there is a window of opportunity where the mega consulting and agency networks are scrambling to gain expertise and credentials and brands/companies are afraid of missing the next wave of the evolving customer journey. So having a consulting and creative agency only focused on the next chapter of the customer journey is very appealing.”
  • The company cannot disclose its full client roster, but I am curious to see how it will grow into the future. One to keep an eye on. 

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Items to look out for

Got a story? Let me know at tom (at) immersivewire (dot) com.  

Got a story? Let me know at tom (at) immersivewire (dot) com.  

  • Burst Live, in partnership with the Notorious B.I.G. estate, will create “The Brook,” which takes users back to Brooklyn during the 1990s
    • Yeah, not sure on this one. On the one hand, it is a creative way for fans to be immersed with their favourite celebrities, as an event that brings people together. But on the other hand, I am not sure how I feel about someone’s likeness being used post-mortem. 
  • CyberXR Coalition (part of XRSI) and XR Bootcamp are inviting sponsors and hiring partners to support 100 ready-to-hire Metaverse engineers every year
    • (Meta joins as a first major sponsor)
  • EOLIA, the symphonic fantasy-adventure VR game, releases on 9 June
  • GLIMPSE has been awarded the VeeR Future Award for Best Interactive Experience at Cannes XR
  • Immerse announced the launch of the Immerse Marketplace, connecting businesses with creators
  • Meetaverse, a corporate metaverse, has launched. 
  • Meta has more than 20% of its staff working at Reality Labs. 
  • Pico announced the beta launch of the Neo3 Link, its first flagship 2-in-1 VR device for consumers.
    • Expect a review soon, when it hits the UK. 
  • SURGE is an immersive VR experience that reconnects people with water.
  • UNIT9 is launching a new division, called Attractionsto deliver digital/hybrid experiences.
  • Virgin Mobile Kuwait announced its Metaverse programme to collaborate with Kuwaiti content creators on platforms including The Sandbox.
  • Virtex announced a $3.2 million Seed round of funding to expand its team.
  • Virtuleap won the Digital Health category at XTC 2022

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Meditative with the VIVE Flow. Photo credit: Tom Ffiske

Tom Ffiske

Editor, Immersive Wire

Tom Ffiske is the Editor of the Immersive Wire, a weekly newsletter on the immersive industry.