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Jesse Schell – Pioneer of Immersive Reality

Jesse Schell is CEO of Schell Games, an award-winning author, and a professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. He is globally respected for his achievements in video game development, his talks about the future, and his book “The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses.” He is a pioneer in XR technologies, having worked to develop the DisneyQuest experience more than 20 years ago.
Since then, he has been a professor at the Entertainment Technology Center, where he has spent a significant amount of time helping his students create a variety of XR experiences. His company Schell Games specializes in developing XR experiences, especially those for experimental or new hardware. Since starting Schell Games in 2002, Jesse has grown the company into the largest full-service educational and entertainment game development company in the United States. As a true industry pioneer, Jesse has led Schell Games to produce an amazing array of innovative and award-winning experiences, including the critically-acclaimed VR game I Expect You To Die, interactive chemistry learning experience Happy Atoms, and most recently, HoloLAB Champions, a game that teaches students basic chemistry lab practice skills.