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James Simpson – Pioneer of Immersive Reality

James is the Lighting Visualiser at the Royal Opera House and he has a vision for the future of producing theatre. He wants to see design teams engaging in a collaborative and iterative design process using 3d pre-visualisation. Productions will benefit from communicating design ideas and encouraging everyone to think about the audience’s relationship with the story from the very beginning of the creative process.
He wants to do this using immersive reality, creating full scale holograms and virtual models that a design team can use to be taken into the audience’s minds eye of a production to help them iterate and communicate their ideas with each other.
The theatre and entertainment industry are unique in that it is one of the oldest established art forms and yet can be dogmatic in adopting new digital technologies, particularly in regard to finding new production tools to help creatives produce a new show.
James’ development of immersive media tools is pioneering in his industry, sharing his research and tests with the theatre industry through conferences and papers designed to promote the use of 3d immersive visualisation for the benefit of the entire industry.

“Since I discovered immersive reality, I realised I finally had the tools to make my vision of a complete visualisation experience a reality. I enjoy setting others on the same path and seeing what they are doing as it motivates me to push forwards even more and to keep innovating with new ideas to make producing theatre and live entertainment even better.”