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Henry Stuart – Pioneer of Immersive Reality

Henry Stuart has worked in the virtual reality industry for the last 10 years, beginning his career shooting 360º images before progressing to Gigapixels, 360º video and then onto VR & AR experiences. His company, Visualise, is one of the leading VR production agencies in the world, having created well over 150 VR experiences, and is now moving into the realm of augmented reality production alongside its core of 360º storytelling.
They’ve worked for some of the biggest brands in the world, including recently Google, Facebook, the BBC, Audi, Ford, the International Red Cross, and the Financial Times. Henry deserves to be recognised for his achievements within the industry because of his forward-thinking approach to harnessing the latest technology, and for his ability to pull together talented teams of VR creatives to fulfill any brief.#
He has also written an excellent book.