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Health Scholars – Immersive Healthcare Education of the Year Nominee

Brian Gillett and Cole Sandau recognized the need to advance immersive healthcare education and clinical training effectiveness to address system-wide patient safety issues. Their mission is to improve patient safety via the delivery of scaleable experiential learning and advanced simulation to nurses, physicians and team-based healthcare staff via a single, future-ready education platform featuring virtual reality simulation content.
The Health Scholars One™ Blended Learning Platform enables the management, delivery and tracking of multiple learning modalities, including VR simulations. The platform and content improve the efficiency of delivering blended learning medical education and enables VR sims to be delivered at scale, across multiple locations with tracking and analysis of learner performance.
Health Scholars is passionate about VR and passionate that VR can help ensure a hospital’s investments in education have the most impact possible on outcomes. With our platform and VR simulation training content, Health Scholars can be a catalyst for VR adoption and delivery, and begin to provide proven results of how blended learning and VR experiences can positively impact clinical performance.