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GORN to come to PSVR


EDIT: The developer clarified that they are working with HTC, Oculus, and PSVR, but not for the Oculus Quest. So Gorn is coming to the PSVR for now.

GORN is being ported to Oculus Quest and PSVR, a developer confirmed over Twitter.

Speaking to an inquiring user, the developer said that they’ve had difficulties porting the software to the systems and that the team is very small. However, it is happening and will appear on the platforms at some point in the future.

Via Reddit.

Previously the developers have stated that porting GORN to other systems is difficult, likely because of the weaker specs of the Oculus Quest. With its mobile architecture, we can expect a graphical downgrade on the headset. This should not be a weakness in theory, as the gameplay is the main draw.

The port to PSVR should be easier, though, with the size of the team, the transition will take some time. More details should follow in the next few months.