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Games for Oculus Quest – An Overview

The Oculus Quest will likely be popular in 2020.

What is the Oculus Quest?

The Oculus Quest is a standalone virtual reality headset made by Oculus, a company owned by Facebook.

The headset fits between two other headsets created by the company: the low-end Oculus Go; and the high-end Oculus Rift. Like the Oculus Go, the Oculus Quest can be used without a PC or external hardware device, providing an untethered experience. However, it features immersive controls which can work with six degrees of freedom (6DoF), as opposed to three degrees of freedom (3DoF) with the Oculus Go. In addition, the Oculus Quest is also not as powerful as the Oculus Rift, as its architecture is based on mobile components.

The headset does not need external sensors, as the cameras in the headset – also known as Oculus Insight – can measure and track the room.


Vader Immortal

Fancy wielding a lightsaber and facing Darth Vader? And hoping it is not as bad as Star Wars Kinect? ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm’s immersive entertainment division, worked with Oculus to make an immersive Star Wars experience. While details are light, we expect the ability to deflect laser blasts, cut limbs, and force push enemies off great heights.

Pick it up if: You want to dive back into the Star Wars universe.

Rave Runner

So everyone knows about Beat Saber. You have lightsabers, you hit targets for points to the rhythm of the music. Excellent. Now imagine exactly the same, only its on a track of sorts, and its touching with hands rather than lightsabers. I personally would rather have swords, but for those who want to scratch their DDR itch more, the game provices an alternative.

Pick it up if: Beat Saber was not enough for you.

Death Horizon

While the trailer initially presents itself as a horror game, the gameplay is clearly set up like an arcade. Much like Timesplitters, the person goes through levels and blasts through enemies charging at the player. The game looks simple, fun, and straightforward; great for anyone who just wants to pop a few heads open before having dinner.

Pick it up if:You like shooting zombies. With guns. A lot.

Dead and Buried VR

Shooting zombies is old tat, and was great fun on the Oculus Go. Now, imagine shooting zombies in an arena, running around, with the Oculus Insight cameras sensing the walls and crates? That is a recipe for next-level immersive gameplay. While details need to be revealed, this game is set to be astonishing if it delivers on its Oculus Connect 5 performance.

Pick it up if: Arena combat isn’t usually available in your local constituency.

The Brookhaven Experiment

A common thread among the Oculus Quest games are guns, monsters, and zombies. The Brookhaven Experiment is the vanilla ice cream of the genre; it is exactly what you expect it will be, and it is exactly what you want. While it doesn’t seem complex or deep, it looks like a good bit of fun to de-stress.

Pick it up if: You like zombies. Again.

Robo Recall

Robo Recall is a fan favourite shooter game first released on the Oculus Rift. Light and swift, the aim is to reach a high score by blasting your way to victory. The game also features challenge modes to put the skills to the test. A fun way to pass the time while dancing among a hail of bullets.

Pick it up if: You want to waste some time with a short bite of fun.

Vox Machinae

Pacific Rim was a great movie. The epic music meshed with the pretty visuals and the set-pieces designed for ‘YES’ moments were glorious to watch. In Vox Machinae, players pilot mechs and battle each other from within a cockpit, as a shadow of the experience given by Pacific Rim. Nifty, and can see flight simulator people enjoying this as a junk food experience.

Pick it up if: You want to start a robot revolution, but lack the skills to code in Python.


Co-op games in VR are a lot of fun. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a great example where a user flicks through a manual while another person defuses a bomb. Covert follows the same approach, only one is a thief where the other is a hacker. One has access to a tablet to sort puzzles and guides the other player, zipping around areas with an array of gadgets. Looks to be fun with friends and partners.

Pick it up if: You have friends and want to have fun together.


Come on, how could it not be included? One of the top games in the last few years, which then became one of the top games in recent VR history. Time moves when you move, and the aim is to survive as a horde of red assailants launch warfare against you. Stab, throw, and shoot your way through each of the arcade-like levels – and make sure to not fling yourself against a wall to avoid a bullet.

Pick it up if: You haven’t already picked it up.

Space Junkies

I love space. I also like spaceships. I also like guns. Space Junkies smooshes them together, with heavy music and slick gameplay to make a game that is, unshakably, about fun. The addition of hand gestures with your partner is also a nice touch, before jumping into a neon warzone of death and pretty colours.

Pick it up if: SPACE.



Running around the world as a mouse can be absolutely terrifying. Still, it can be an endearing adventure. Follow Quill’s adventures as you solve puzzles and face enemies across a varied world. The adventure is very similar to Theseus, which is one of my favorite VR games I have played.

Pick it up if: Stuart Little needed more danger and death.


Insomniac Games made one of the best games of 2018, Marvel’s Spider-Man. The same team is making a bold step with an open-world VR experience which looks incredibly realistic. Be a robot cast away, and blast your way through enemies while recruiting new allies for your revolution. It’s like The Terminator, only with Wall-E vibes.

Pick it up if: You want to see what happens after the credits rolled with Wall-E.


The Climb

Scared of heights? Face the fears with The Climb, a solo adventure scaling cliffs, playable either sitting or standing. There may be a dissonance between scaling a rock face a hundred feet up, and standing in a loving room with just boxers. In any case, letting go will cause the brain to have a hearty jolt.

Pick it up if: There are no nearby cliffs to climb.


Face Your Fears

No. No. Absolutely not. As someone who cannot deal with horror, this is one game I do not personally want to touch. But for the junkies who do, then be ready to face your phobias with a variety of experiences designed to scare you. If you wish to inflict that sort of suffering to yourself (or friends), then go right on ahead.

Pick it up if: You like to torture yourself.