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FundamentalVR – Immersive Healthcare of the Year Nominee

Fundamental Surgery is a positive disruption in the surgical training market – democratizing surgical training to enable better patient outcomes.
Despite the massive advancements in science and medical technology, the way surgeons are trained has remained largely unchanged for the past 150 years. Training still consists of classroom-based theory, observation in the operating room (generally far removed from the actual procedure), hands-on cadaver practice (expensive, limited use), closely monitored live patient involvement and increasingly YouTube videos.
So what’s the problem? All this is happening at a time when due to limited numbers of trained surgeons, 5 billion people globally are denied access to safe surgery due to a skills shortfall. Yet only 0.5% of surgical trainees have access to surgical simulation which has been proved to enhance skills acquisition and optimization.
Fundamental Surgery is a surgical simulation platform in VR + Haptics and it solves these opposing problems through the provision of authentic, deeply immersive surgical simulations that brings authentic surgical simulation within arm’s reach of every surgeon in the world, even in the remotest or poorest areas of the planet. It is the world’s first online, subscription-based simulation platform, operating on low-cost everyday hardware. It uniquely combines virtual reality (VR) with cutting-edge haptics (the sense of touch) and readily available off-the-shelf equipment to create new low-cost and scalable training which potentially
FundamentalVR, which developed Fundamental Surgery as part of its global mission to democratize surgical training and training, is a technology and data insight business specialising in the intersection between immersive experiences and haptics to enhance medical training and outcomes.