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First fitness game with passthrough mixed reality out now

HitMotion: Reloaded

New Technology Walkers have released their first game, HitMotion: Reloaded, on VIVEPORT. The game is exclusive to the VIVE Focus Plus.

According to the company, “the purpose of the game is letting people stay fit while having fun. HitMotion: Reloaded will make the player see bots all around him/her and he/she will have to hit them fast and hard to destroy them. The targets will have a colour that will determine with which hand they will have to be hit and an arrow that will indicate if the bot has to be hit with a jab, an uppercut or a hook. The player will have to coordinate strength with control to win the game.

HitMotion: Reloaded has been designed to make the player play every day with it. It features various gamification mechanisms (stars, daily challenges and achievements) that make the player feel challenged, making him return every day to play the game and stay fit. When the 21 levels of the game campaign are over, the player can enjoy the “survival” endless mode, that makes the lifetime of the game longer. The estimated gameplay time to win the levels with at least 2 stars is more than 90 minutes, but this time may increase a lot, especially if the player wants to collect 3 stars for each level.”

The product is available today.

Photo credit: New Technology Walkers.


Beat Saber can be seen to work out the arms, and Pistol Whip the legs. HitMotion: Reloaded trains both, giving more of an overall workout.

It’s also innovative that it has passthrough. When in a virtual environment, it is easier to, erm, punch walls. (I have certainly done the same with Pistol Whip). Since people can see the surrounding area, it is safer to play. This really highlights the power of passthrough tech for more recreational activities.

I see a natural home with the game; it looks like fun, has a lot of potential, and innovates on the premise. By giving the person so much freedom to do as they wish, it can provide a great way to exercise. I can see more companies doing the same in the future, and that the company is pioneering the space.

Congratulations to everyone in the team – with the support of HTC, I look forward to the company’s growth. I also look forward to seeing the game on other headsets in the future!