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FAQ: Immersive Perspective Awards

What are the Immersive Perspective Awards?
The Immersive Perspective Awards recognises the achievements of people and companies working in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality in the industry. These are designed to give recognition to those whose exceptional works has positively contributed to the industry over the last year. These are the first awards given by Virtual Perceptions.
The free entry and participation is designed to include innovative SMBs and start-ups for consideration, as a way to legitimise companies who deserve greater recognition.
What are the criteria for entry?
The projects must demonstrate how immersive reality technologies in their projects, campaigns and software applications. The entry should show how the key messages of the company correlate with the technology they utilised. Entries will also be scrutinised for their impact in their relevant area, whether it be innovating a particular industry or making a meaningful, entertaining or insightful contribution to an area.
Will there be a physical reward?
This will be online only, and the winners / nominated may be able to use them as bragging rights. An email signature commemorating the achievement will be given, alongside exposure in a full feature as a leading company in the space.
What is the timescale for the awards? 
Deadline for entry is August 31. Nominations for all categories are announced September 25. Winners are announced October 10.
Who is judging the awards?

Tom Ffiske is the Editor of Virtual Perceptions. Having started the website in June 2016, Tom has steered its growth from a small blog to a slightly bigger blog. Tom has written leading reports such as the State of VR in 2017, and awarded the Heroes of VR in 2016 to ten leading pioneers in the UK.

Catherine is a virtual reality producer and curator, who produced one of the BBC’s first VR documentaries, curates VR for the public and has written on VR for Wired. She specialises in immersive experiences for broad and diverse audiences. Catherine’s most recent project is No Small Talk, a 360 talkshow for the BBC, aimed at millennial women. Catherine also produced Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel, which has toured festivals globally, showed for six weeks at the National Theatre in London and was described by Broadcast Magazine as ‘genre-defining’.

James Pearce is the Deputy Editor of Global Telecoms Business. Having been working in journalism for many years, James is an accomplished reporter and writer with an in-depth insight into the technology industry.

Karen Jones twenty year publishing and events background that spans commerical and editorial roles at organisations that include News International and financial and legal print publications. Invested in the technologies that may shake the financial sector, Karen is interested in the impact immersive technologies will make in the future.
How much are entries?
Free, to see the broadest spectrum possible of talent in the industry.
How will I know if I am nominated?
On September 25, all entrants will be emailed to be notified whether they were nominated or not. The award nominees and winners will be announced on the Virtual Perceptions website.
Who do I contact if I have any questions? 
You may contact Tom Ffiske at tom@virtualperceptions.com if you have any questions.