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Exploring the XR experiences at SXSW 2022

A selection of SXSW experiences

By Tom Ffiske
VR/AR and metaverse analysis every Wednesday and Sunday // 16 March 2022 

Day six of Covid. Bored out of my mind, and introspective – which led to me shifting my strategy for the Immersive Wire.

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A selection of SXSW experiences

SXSW and its XR programme is now in full swing. I am a big fan of SXSW, which artfully tows the line between high-profile business and dance opportunities. It’s the creative technologist’s event, and it always profiles some great immersive experiences that people should at least look into.  

With that, here are some highlight experiences which might be worth peeking at: 

If you’re not attending, 18 of the 33 XR experiences will be on VAST.

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Bob Iger and Reggie Fils-Aime will not meet in the metaverse

Got any stories? Let me know at tom (at) immersivewire (dot) com. 

  • Bob Iger joined the board of Genies, a metaverse platform. 
  • Fast Travel Games launched Virtuoso, a creative music sandbox.
  • Metaverse Game Studios raised $10m.
    • Not a unique name, but direct and to the point.
  • Reggie Fils-Aime said Meta is ‘not an innovative company.’
    • His belief is that Meta does not create its own ideas, and built on others as part of its services. 
  • Tobii announced a collaboration with LIV and Ready Player Me.
    • No link as it is announced just as this newsletter is sent; have a quick Google to find the info! 
  • Zara Hadid made a metavese city called Liberland. 
  • Zen Internet says that 18% of British 16 to 24 year olds are making friends in the metaverse.
    • I am unsure what this means; does the survey mean online games like Fortnite? If so, that’s been happening for many years. 

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Meditative with the VIVE Flow. Photo credit: Tom Ffiske

Tom Ffiske

Editor, Immersive Wire

Tom Ffiske is the Editor of the Immersive Wire, a twice-weekly newsletter on the immersive industry.