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EON unveils innovative platform update to bolster content creation

Virtual reality in education

EON Reality recently updated the AVR platform, which includes code-free creation of lessons in AR and VR, access to a massive AR / VR library 1,200 ready lessons and 870,000 3D assets.

The company calls it a ‘weapon of mass instruction’. I find the terminology distasteful as it echoes death over education, but the sentiment is intended to be positive.

The purpose is to ‘counter the bottleneck posed by the prohibitively expensive and time-consuming process of content creation’. Content is an inhibiting factor to progress and learning, so the company wanted to provide a platform where content creation is easier.

The reasoning makes sense; making more content will help with learning, and making it code-free will lower the boundaries of entry.

The key next step for the company should be to match the announcement with a push among universities to use the platform itself. I anticipate EON Reality to visit universities to show its potential and, hopefully, the ROI. In any case, the company built the groundwork for the future.