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Beat Saber – Which Alcoholic Drinks Work Best?

Beat Saber requires precise cuts, swipes, and slashes to go through the level. So, what happens when alcohol is mixed with gameplay?
I was not like Jackie Chan in his great film Drunken Master, but I came close. (Not really).

Standard Mode – Standard Beer

Ever tried to balance on a wall while walking forwards? Tipping and swaying left and right? Imagine that, but with two lightsabers in each of your hands as you adjust to your violent swings left and right.
With beer, I tend to find that I was much more violent with swipes. While tipsy, my sense of balance was affected as well, so I swerved left and right. Then again, I found that swerving left and right helped my momentum of the swings. Beer works best to keep it a soft form.

No Arrows – Martini

This one gets messy. No arrows mean you can strike in any direction, meaning flailing actually works on the lower difficulty levels. Waving your arms like the Whacky Waving Arm Flailing Tube Man can reap rewards.
With this, a more powerful alcohol can work. There is no need for finesse or grace – only victory.

One Saber – Black Martini / Espresso Martini

One Saber requires the way of the Jedi. Concentration, accurate swipes, feeling the movement of the music. Every swipe counts, no movement wasted.
Caffeine helps with this, as it focuses the mind. Until, of course, it wears off as the Martini hits you like a horse. Then the movement lags, and the watchers see the swipes turn to flails. Eventually, the player will resign and know that the Way of the Jedi is beyond them.

Beat Saber works with alcohol

Overall I highly recommend Beat Saber while tipsy. With friends, it is great fun to watch and do – though probably not what the developer intended. And I hope it comes to Oculus Quest too.

What drinks do you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

Tom Ffiske
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