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Review: Doctor Who: The Edge of Time

I’ve been a major fan of Doctor Who for many years, from Christopher Eccleston to Peter Capaldi. (I have since moved away from Doctor Who before Jodie Whittaker arrived in the TARDIS). Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is a great experience for Doctor Who fans, recommended for anyone with a VR headset.

You star as yourself, arriving in the TARDIS to help the Doctor. Trapped, the Doctor needs your help to break her free while, of course, saving the universe.

The story feels like Doctor Who through and through. Bouncing between planets, you solve puzzles and move on while encountering enemies across time and space. Jodie Whittaker’s narration follows you through the story, bringing the levity and eccentric nature which typifies the Doctor.

The puzzles were great as well. Small golden circles guide the player to switch switches, or contextual hints paint the walls to guide where they should slot switches. Admittedly we failed on one puzzle; not because it was poorly designed (it was very well designed, in fact), but because we were a tad inept.

So we have a VR adventure which feels like a Doctor Who adventure, with the spirit of the show intact. For this reason alone we recommend Doctor Who: The Edge of Time for any fans of the show. Any fan passionate for the show would get something out of it.

But what about its merits as a VR game? It felt great to play, with lots of interactable elements. Walking around the TARDIS and twisting knobs, spinning antennas, and pushing buttons feels satisfying. Navigation is slow and methodical, likely because it is nauseating to go very quickly across the map.

As a VR game, it works. It immerses the player as themselves, exploring the TARDIS, and having fun with the experience. It adds a level of immersion with the game that isn’t matched by other Doctor Who games of its kind, and is still a blast.

A part of this may be the use of the VIVE COSMOS. In the time we used the VR headset, we thought it worked well for the game. The controls had a reassuring weight to them, and the tracking was on point. The headset complemented the game well.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time was great fun, and we would love to try it out again.

Lena Mandahus

Reporter, Virtual Perceptions

Lena Mandahus is a graduate from the University of Vienna, with experience copyediting articles.