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Death Horizon: Reloaded on the Oculus Quest is a finicky zombie game

Death Horizon: Reloaded

Death Horizon: Reloaded on the Oculus Quest is a zombie game where the protagonist meanders through a complex, popping the heads of the dead along the way. The game has been designed for the Oculus Quest.

While we enjoyed the shooting and climbing in the game, it often felt like we were fighting against the game to reach the goal.


Each of the weapons had a satisfying pop to them which made shooting fun. From pistols to carbines, the guns were all fun to use and wield. We also enjoyed navigating around the complex, scurrying around the area to find bullets and other items. Zombies appeared once in a while to block the way, which we killed then moved on. That said, we’ve found that the lack of diversity became dull over time.

The climbing was a lot of fun, as we traversed across ropes and pipes to get to new locations. I would love to see that in more games in the future.

The zombie variety improved through the game. It escalated from simple stumblers to bigger brutes, and then to rabid dogs. The increased diversity made it more interesting to enjoy the game as a whole.

The lack of music added a sense of nervousness in the game, as we constantly heard moans in the distance. This kept us on edge as we traversed through each area.

Death Horizon: Reloaded
There are a lot of zombies in Death Horizon: Reloaded. Credit: Dream Dev Studio VR


Yet the gameplay was hampered by an array of glitches. Sometimes we struggled to get items from lockers, as they got stuck inside walls. We literally climbed into lockers to pull them out and use them.

The belt was our biggest issue. It was very low in proportion to our bodies, so we found it tricky to whip out our pistols or our guns. Because of the way it was positioned, we also found it tricky to select the items we wanted. We took out our keycard at times, waving it at the face of zombies as they lunged towards us. It felt like all the parts were either too bunched together, or finicky to use.

Should you buy Death Horizon: Reloaded

The Oculus Quest has a lot of stellar shooter titles on the system. Robo Recall is one of my favourites, which gunplay that feels absolutely amazing to wield. The same goes for SUPERHOT, with its arcade-style shooting and techniques that can be used.

Death Horizon: Reloaded is not one of the best games on the system. It is beset with issues which hold it back from being an enjoyable experience, from glitches to repetition. With a system with other games that have the same goals, and executes them better, it is difficult to recommend the game to friends and family.

If you are a fan of exploring an area to collect items, discover incrementally better guns, and feel like shooting more zombies, it may be for you. Otherwise, there are other games in the market that may suit your tastes better.

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