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Dash Dash : World is a unique VR karting game (Preview)

Dash Dash : World, coming to Oculus Quest, is a game that reminds me of Mario Kart. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as it is a kart racer with a lot of heart. The team experimented with some new concepts while driving, making for a fast-paced and fun experience to play around with.

The karts are customisable, as players can choose which types to use. But the real meat of the action is the gameplay. Zooming around the course is a lot of fun, seeing what can be done and trying to get ahead.

Initially the controls felt off as the karts are not steered like a steering wheel. Instead it is using the analog stick, which is the preference for some but not for others.

The tutorial was vital for the enjoyment of the game. It went through what is needed, what to click, and how to use the major items of the game. I would have been lost otherwise.


The game took a short while to load, perhaps too long. But once in, the game felt smooth to play.

The karts zipped around the course very fast, at an enjoyable pace. It felt great to zoom along the track as the players have a great time chucking ways to block items all around.

Overall, Dash Dash : World is shaping up to be a lot of fun. Barring some minor issues, the game could be great to play with friends and family, bringing the arcade experience home. In any case, it is good enough to appear in my top ten list for games in 2019.

The game was reviewed on the Oculus Quest. Virtual Perceptions reviewed the game with a review code. You may find more information on the privacy policy.