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Exclusive: Cybershoes are now available in Europe and the US

Get your spinny chairs ready; Cybershoes, the world’s first shoes for walking and running in VR, are now available via Amazon for VR users in Europe and the US. The shoes allow people to walk around in VR, via compatible games.

Think of it as a way to add locomotion to a VR game, where you can physically move your feet so that you can move forwards, adding more realism to the experience. If you want to try it out, it is now integrated with Until You Fall from Schell Games. They are also integrated with Grapple Tournament, a shooter with vertical combat.

The shoes have already seen some success: ‘Cybershoes have been incredibly successful on Amazon in America, so we’re over the moon to see them arrive in Europe for our fans across the pond!’ said Michael Bieglmayer, CEO of Cybershoes. 

On top of all of this, they are hosting a tournament where you can win NFTs. According to the company, Cybershoes will host a new Contractors tournament, open to all Cybershoes owners on Oculus Quest, on 6 November. By competing, players could win one of the first pieces of Cybershoes new “VRJunky” digital art collection. Definitely one of the more unique ways to advertise the release.

Do they have a use? Potentially; while seated, it can add another level of immersion, without needing a larger space. As someone living in a smaller flat, I see the perks of something where it doesn’t take as much space. Though simple, it’s an effective approach. But for now, I reserve judgement until I try them on.

I thank Cybershoes for the exclusive story.