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Cy Wise – Pioneer of Immersive Reality

At Owlchemy Labs, Cy’s full title is “Studio Director, Owlmancer, Science”. It attempts to capture the vast scope of her work– business development, events, marketing and PR, operations, design/writing, community, and more. She represented Owlchemy as a speaker at prominent industry conferences, evangelizing VR and advocating for accessible, inclusive VR design.
In the local community, Cy serves is co-organizer for VR Austin and advocates for diversity, inclusion, and collaboration. Over 2,000 members strong, VR Austin Meetup is one of the largest VR meetup groups in the country. The growth and success of the community is due in no small part to Cy’s boundless enthusiasm and mindful efforts to make VR Austin a safe and empowered space to explore the potential of immersive technology. She authored the VR Austin Code of Conduct and published it as an open-source resource for other communities to use. Since publishing, several groups have adopted the Code of Conduct, including the Chicago VR Meetup and Austin technology incubator, Capital Factory.

“Virtual reality is the thing, right?— It’s the future! Once we reach virtual reality, future has been achieved— Well done!”