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Curiscope and Multiverse launches neat poster series

Curiscope Multiverse

Like many young boys, I was obsessed with space. Space, the vast expanse with gigantic celestial objects, bending the laws of time and space. Tapping into that young wonderment with immersive tech has a soft spot in my heart, which is why the collaboration with Curiscope – a company I greatly respect – and Multiverse means a lot to me.

Curiscope Multiverse is a series of posters, each with a different space topic. Children interact with the Solar System, for example, with facts that sprawl out detailing the information. Four types will be available at launch, priced at £39.99 / $49.95 and as individual posters for £24.99 / $34.95.

Curiscope Multiverse
Curiscope Multiverse. Photo credit: Curiscope.

For each poster sold, they will plant a tree. Nice.

Ed Barton, Co-Founder and CEO of Curiscope said “we’ve known San for about 4 years now and have followed his success with Star Chart. We’ve been really keen to create a new product around a new topic and to bring that to life. When we started thinking about Space, San was the natural partner.”

San Shepherd, Co-Founder and CEO of Future Tech Labs said “The quote, ‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.’ has never been more true than today. Technology can now be used to make education immersive, fun, and social. Putting people at the heart, involving them, and letting them learn through playful osmosis.


I haven’t hidden the fact that I respect Curiscope a great deal. Their AR shirts are an early and innovative use of technology, bringing kids to learn more about the human body. Direct, smart, and usable in a cheap way, the shirts are a fantastic example of what AR can do.

Now we come to posters – slightly different, but with the same idea in mind. A cheap and direct way for children to learn more about the universe, with fun facts on the site. The heart of Curiscope continues with accessible and fun content – just in a different form.