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Colin Yellowley – Pioneer of Immersive Reality

I remember a while ago where I saw an Igloo. It was playing some ambient scenes at VRLO, and people just sat and enjoyed the feeling of being immersed. It was simple, easy to access, and ultimately enjoyable. Tech like that relies on a good team, though as co-founder Colin has put himself forward as the Pioneer in this case.
Having originally launched Igloo in 2007 on the contemporary arts circuits, he successfully steered the company into the simulation and visualisation sector, and continues to play a central role in its product development.
This has come to great success too. Igloo works with many of the world’s biggest brands (clients include the likes of Armani, BP, Nokia, Sky, Toyota and the British army). During 2017-2018, the company grew billings by more than 50% (to exceed £4m), and opened new offices in USA, Canada and Australia.
The team says that Colin is very much the creative force behind Igloo; I can imagine that it takes a dynamic approach to sell the concept to so many people, and according to Colin it may well be linked to the idea of ‘shared experiences’:

“Up until now, VR/AR/MR has mainly been about individual experiences. For me, the big challenge – and opportunity – is to turn VR into a shared experience. That’s why we’re having such success at Igloo.
“The whole proposition is about shared VR. We take any VR or 360° content and put it into an immersive space that everyone can use. So it’s great for collaborative teamwork, for training, for design reviews, for data visualisations, and much more.”