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Colgate launches AR app to help kids brush

Colgate launched an AR app which helps children brush their teeth, via engaging them while they brush along to games and entertainment.
To teach children with the best brushing technique, the company teamed up with Kolibree to make the Colgate Magik Toothbrush Kit. It uses AR to give your children a brand new brushing experience. The kids can play through AR games, fighting cavity monsters and claiming Magik Brushing Masks, a collectible. It also gives brushing feedback.

I can see this as being cool and important. Their recent data suggests that not all children know the right technique. Tooth decay is very common, yet it is pretty preventable. The latest figures from NHS Digital revealed that between 2017 and 2018, there were more than 26,000 hospital admissions for children between the ages of five and nine years old as a result of dental problems, and tooth decay was the main reason for this.

Colgate AR and brushing

Dr David Bloom, Dentist commented: “We all know that brushing for 2 minutes and brushing correctly can be a chore for any child so the introduction of the Colgate Magik brush is a very welcome one… helping to manage any issues before the trip to dentist.”
Philip Durocher, Vice President and General Manager, Northern Europe commented: ‘At Colgate we are committed to improving oral health and the launch of our new Colgate Magik™ toothbrush is testament of this. We want people to have the healthiest smiles by brushing their best, and this is a skill that should be learnt from a young age. Connected health devices like the Colgate Magik™ provide a valuable opportunity for children to become more interested and engaged in their oral health, while making teeth brushing fun and exciting.”
It’s a neat little device, so I am keen to see if it actually works. Either that, or distract the children too much while brushing. We shall see.

Tom Ffiske
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