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Categories – Immersive Perspective Awards

Company of the Year

Company of the year will be chosen from the winners of each of the individual categories. Technology innovation, best application of immersive technologies, and business success will be taken into account to identify one company which shaped the immersive reality industry.
(Entries are not invited for this award)

Individual of the Year

The person made a significant contribution to immersive reality in the past year, contributing to the industry and making a positive impact.

Best Applications of Immersive Reality

The company demonstrates a meaningful, successful application of immersive technology in the relevant industry. This can encompass VR, AR or MR in terms of activation and successful implementation. The use of the technology should match the company’s key messages and objectives in their campaign and approach.
Each industry has a separate category for nomination. The list includes:

  • Best Application of Immersive Reality – Consumer Activation
  • Best Application of Immersive Reality – B2B Impact
  • Best Application of Immersive Reality – Customer Immersion
  • Best Application of Immersive Reality – Healthcare
  • Best Application of Immersive Reality – Education

Arts and Entertainment

Immersive technologies have the power to bring arts and entertainment to a new and different label, making use of the new perspectives to further the entertainment and artistic fields. The award winners make full use of the power which the technology brings to its creatives.

  • Best Immersive Reality Art Piece
  • Best Application of Music in VR
  • Best Immersive Reality Film – Documentary
  • Best Immersive Reality Film – Cinematic
  • Best Video Game – Mobile
  • Best Video Game – Headset

The ‘Why the fuck is this in VR’ Award

There are a lot of sub-par projects being made by companies who jump into the metaphorical deep end of development, only to mysteriously disappear beneath the waters of lackluster inadequacy. This special award is given to a project or production which just shouldn’t have existed, for one reason or another.
(Suggestions for this award are entirely welcome)
You may enter for the awards here.
If you have any questions, please contact tom@virtualperceptions.com.