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Why Brie Larson playing Beat Saber is important for VR

Beat Saber Brie Larson

Last night at the Jimmy Fallon Show, the host and Brie Larson played Beat Saber, one of the most popular VR games today. It was an entertaining watch, with millions of people watching the show as they get ready for the Avengers: Endgame hype. It was an entertaining segment, and Brie Larson enjoyed playing the game.

At the risk of expanding on something which may turn out to be small or insignificant, I believe the segment is a twist-point for VR being more accepted in the mainstream.

Accepting the bulky VR headsets

Firstly, VR headsets are not the sexiest gadgets to use. They are bulky, cling to the face, and it is not a slick look. Many devices like Fitbits or iPhones advertise themselves as not just useful, but fashion icons. Companies want people to flaunt and be proud of what they use, a part of their identity and style. Not so for VR, holding many consumers back.

But let’s get Brie Larson, a superhero and star of one of the biggest movies in 2019, play in VR. Normalise the technology by having a celebrity use it, one of the most simple marketing techniques in modern history. In the past, Pepsi partnered with Michael Jackson to get the brand in people’s minds. Acceptance is slow, but it is happening at a steady pace.

Beat Saber and a green screen

Beat Saber is a beautiful, dynamic and interesting game. It is also a really interesting game to watch, which makes it easy to share on social media. The lightsaber factor, combined with simple and elegant gameplay, makes the VR game great to play.

Using the green screen, people can watch Brie play the game within its own virtual world, really showing what Brie can see. It is a hands-on, excellent experience what shows the qualities and fun factor of VR.

Recognition of VR

VR acceptance is a slow, gradual process with a multitude of factors. Price, games, interest – all are important for the sale of hardware. Brie Larson playing in VR is another step towards acceptance, and the gameplay was presented in such a way that it was entertaining, interesting, and potentially worth buying. If they already have the headset, they can try the Oculus Ques demo for free.

Next week, it is likely Facebook will release the Oculus Quest and Rift S. With Beat Saber as a launch title, the Jimmy Fallon segment may give it a slight boost.