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Top ten best Oculus Quest games (2020)

A Fisherman's Tale Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest released to critical acclaim in May 2019, and with good reason. The VR headset lets people play some incredible experiences, from the titular SUPERHOT to the mind-bending A Fisherman’s Tale

With the number of excellent titles available, it can be challenging to go through. While there are a lot of great games — many more than this list implies — there can only ten in the top list. Virtual Perceptions has gone through the library to give you its definitive list of the best oculus quest games available today. 

10. DashDash World

Mario Kart has a lot of love because it is an endearing and fun game to play with friends. With zippy controls and fun items to throw, kart racing has a lot going for it. DashDash World wants to go to the next level and bring it to VR, with some success.

The heart of the kart racer is in the warm colours and quirky levels, which all remind me of the surrealist nature of the Nintendo title that inspired it. If you want a quick drive, this one is for you. 

A full review of DashDash World can be found here. 

9. Where Thoughts Go 

It’s a stretch to say Where Thoughts Go is a game; it’s more an experience than anything else. But as a title on the Oculus Quest, it is worth trying out. 

The experience lets users sit down and listen to real answers to questions put to them, such as around love. The user can then submit their response, sending it into the void for other users to listen and learn. In a way, it is incredibly beautiful to hear the stories of others, short snippets of lift which bloom with colour. It’s a quiet triumph. 

8. Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl 

Ever wanted to be in a real-world game of Yu-Gi-Oh? Where dealing cards bring creatures to life that do battle under your power? Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl is that game, only with a medieval twist. 

I fondly remember playing against a German reviewer before its release, and we fought over and over again. We learned each other’s tactics and built a strategy from there. While the beginning is unforgiving, and some players may need hand-holding, the game is an excellent VR title for card-flingers. 

A full review of Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl can be found here. 

7. Radial-G: Proteus

Radial-G: Proteus is a racing game inspired by a specific sci-fi title on the PlayStation. The game puts the player in the cockpit of a fast vehicle that can weave along a rope-like road to the end goal. Visceral and fast, it feels faster and more intense than the typical console kart racer. 

The controls take a short time to get used to, as there is no direct tutorial on how to play; it presents text over multiple tabs to remember. But once the player memorises the controls, the game opens up, and the track is ready to be dominated. Radial-G: Proteus is excellent to show friends and family. 

6. The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets

The list has some violent titles geared towards adults. While okay, the VR market also has space for children as well. Of these, The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets is one of the top Oculus Quest games available. 

As a child guided by a kindly grandfather, the task is to find all the animals in each level. Small, sweet, and charming, the game flourishes with its beautiful environments and puzzles. With hand tracking hinted to be coming soon, this is an excellent title for younger ones who want a lovely and straightforward title to play. 

5. Vacation Simulator

Job Simulator was great fun. Jostling around a kitchen and office with lots of interactable elements brought hours of fun. It was particularly useful for younger children to have a go and play. The same goes for Vacation Simulator for all the same reasons, only with a different setting. 

It’s best to think of the game as a companion to Job Simulator, but with twists. Having locked content means there is progression and players must solve puzzles to continue, which incentivises exploration — a smart decision, and one that improves on the previous title without losing its warm heart. 

4. Pistol Whip 

Slap your way to victory as you shoot, duck, and dodge your way Pistol Whip. Similar to Beat Saber, the aim is to weave your way through the level while (hopefully) looking cool. If one works out the arms via lightsabers, the other works out the legs by dodging death. 

The game features a pulse-pounding soundtrack of heavy beats and great songs, which work to its favour as it suits the trippy setting. The songs can also work in a car ride. 

3. Robo Recall: Unplugged 

The selection is a slight cheat as the game released several years ago, but Robo Recall: Unplugged technically released this year on the Oculus Quest. Regardless, the shooter is an absolute blast to play in the home. 

With shotguns and a teleportation tactic where players bounce around killing robots, it feels terrific to play. There is nothing quite like fighting robots and tearing them apart with your hands. As the hail of bullets rain from the sky, the port shines brightly. 

2. A Fisherman’s Tale 

What more can be said for one of the best Oculus Quest games of the year? A Fisherman’s Tale is a mind-bending puzzle where the quality of the gameplay merges with an endearing story. And as the tasks increase in complexity, my enjoyment improves as well. 

Playing the part of a fisherman trapped in an endlessly looping world was great fun, and great for younger children. Similar to Tetric Effect, it is a VR title that uses the medium its potential. 

A full review of A Fisherman’s Tale can be found here. 

1. Synth Riders

It isn’t straightforward to articulate the pull that Synth Riders has on me. The game is similar to Beat Saber and Pistol Whip, where people bob and weave through a level while jigging to a beat. It’s hardly a reinvention of the rhythm-based genre. 

And yet it is the most fun I’ve had with a VR game. Why? I think it’s because it takes elements from all these games, and makes a complete package which works to its favour. The game has a great soundtrack, lots of hand movements, uses legs, and ultimately feels fantastic to play. As a complete package, the sum is more significant than its parts. And for that reason, it is one of the best Oculus Quest games available today. 

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