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Using AR with drones for situation awareness – First responders

AR drones

Situational awareness is key. Getting as much information about a situation as possible is vital for assessing the right way to approach a dangerous area or event. Having a stream of data to help inform the user can make or break any situation.

Such applications have been used by companies such as Analog Devices, who can equip first responders with IOT vests to fight fires and keep track of their vitals. With AR, that can take the form of an overlay with important info being passed on. From surgeons with operations, to providing real-time insights into military situations, there is a clear path towards its useful application and use.

Now, what if you strap AR stuff to drones? Why not. Edgybees has made the tech so it helps inform the flyer all kinds of info, from nearby fuel tanks to where fire trucks are.

Adam Kaplan, CEO of Edgybees, comments: “Overlaying video with augmented reality infrastructure in real-time brings visibility and intelligence to any scene, adding crucial context to the content… When all involved parties have the most up-to-date information displayed clearly and in real-time, the best decisions can be made.

Ultimately it’s a cut and dry example of how AR can be useful in life-threatening situations – the key question next is where else the tech would be used.

While not a dangerous situation, an overlay for cooking comes to mind when it comes to timers and a stream of instructions. Slice and dice here, maybe tomatoes there – it all could be tracked and used. (Might have typed this while I was hungry…)

In any case, AR for dangerous situations is here to stay. As Adam said, “That’s what it comes down to—this technology is both game-changing and life-saving.”

Tom Ffiske
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