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Spending on AR in warehousing to reach $23bn by 2025

AR warehouse

As more people see the returnable benefits of AR, people are investing more and more into the technology. By 2025, global spending on AR in warehousing will reach over $23 billion, several times more than voice solutions ($3.3 billion), according to ABI Research.

“Fulfilling higher order volumes is difficult when warehouses are struggling to hire and maintain staff, and automation is cost-prohibitive for many distributors,” said Nick Finill, Senior Analyst at ABI Research. “Warehouses are therefore increasingly using digital tools that can empower the human worker, deliver efficiency gains, and also reduce the time it takes to onboard new or temporary staff.”

According to the company, AR is starting to gain mass appeal in industrial sectors, thanks to maturing technologies and demonstrable ROI from early adopters. Voice-directed solutions represent a considerably older technology but are also undergoing a technological revolution thanks to deep learning-based voice recognition that vastly improves ease-of-use and reliability. These solutions are both being leveraged to assist the warehouse workforce by providing operational instructions in a clear and hands-free way.

“The combination of multiple devices and technology solutions can have a positive compound effect on workforce productivity,” concluded Finill. “However, companies must be smart about how they integrate multiple technical solutions within the same stack to ensure they remain complementary and ROI is maximized.”