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Alex Ruhl – Pioneer of Immersive Reality

‘Alex has become synonymous with 360 filmmaking.’
A bold way to start any submission, and something which really depends on who you ask. But what I really like is that she is championing the use of VR for support and empowerment, and for that alone she shoots up to the top of my list of ‘pretty damn cool’ people.
Alex is the production lead on the Hospice VR initiative which is a programme to get VR into hospices nationally so patients nearing end-of-life get to experience their favourite places again before passing Similarly she’s working with Chilypep (Sheffield based charity) to create VR experiences to support young people struggling with mental health issues. Both are very cool and are well worth a look at one of them here.
Alex also pushes for diverse voices, and that’s something we should all strive for:

“We need more diverse voices creating in this space so that we can develop the storytelling language quicker but also so there’s variety in the content being produced and no audience feels unwelcome.”