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Advertise Here

Want to target specific professionals for your business? Virtual Perceptions is open to the potential of advertorial opportunities for the website, and it is an excellent way to specifically target 12,000 industry specialists in VR, AR and MR for your business, for very competitive advertising prices.
The opportunities include:

Side-banner advert

This is an advert which is situated to the left of every article on the page. Every person who reads the article would also see the advert.

£70 for one month flat fee, or £5 CPM (cost per thousand impressions)

White paper placement

White papers are situated in a sub-section of the website, for anyone to read and learn from. Additionally, the white paper can be placed in all articles much like the side-banner advert.
£70 for one month flat fee, or £5 CPM (cost per thousand impressions)

Content writing

I am available to write sponsored content for the website, for any desired topic under the umbrella of immersive reality. As an experienced and knowledgeable writer of the industry, I am well-suited for content creation. 5p per word. 

White paper writing

I am able to write a white paper on the state of the industry in a particular area, whether it be retail, ecommerce, medical etc. to position companies as leaders in a particular space. I had previously written an influential paper on the State of VR in 2017.
£500 total for 3000 words; other word counts are price-negotiable. 
If you would like to enquire further on these services, please contact tom@virtualperceptions.com